Services that we offers

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Rub-R-Wall
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Active Leak Repair

Basement Waterproofing Long Island

When a home owner in Nassua County thinks of “basement waterproofing” it typically involves various techniques and materials to prevent water from entering one’s basement to prevent basement leaks. Waterproofing a basement usually requires the application of sealant materials, installing sump pumps and drain, and much more.

Waterproofing Insulation and Drainage

Rub-R-Wall is a 100% rubber polymer, liquid applied waterproof membrane. Our spray- rig heats liquid rubber to proper temperature for seamless application. Technicians perform surface preparation to foundation walls, removing all loose and sharp edges, form debris, etc. Walls and footings need to be in a clean dry condition. Snap-ties and imperfections need to by parged with non-shrink grout (24) hours prior to application.

Polyurethane and Acrylic Soil Stabilization

This extremely specialized field, chemical grouts are used to fill voids, stabilize soil, and create sub-grade grout barriers below roadways, in earthen dams, coastal seawalls, underground vaults and tunnel boring operations. A major advantage of chemical grouting is the ability to strengthen existing soils without the need for excavation or disruption of facility operations.

Active Leak Repair

The polyurethane and acrylic products we use to stop leaks can fill underground voids without digging. These low viscosity injection resins and acrylics are long-lasting solutions to leaks in manholes, utility vaults, meter boxes, tunnels, tanks, clarifiers, aeration basins, lift stations, pump stations, catch basins, elevator pits, below-grade walls, equipment pits, lateral connections, mainlines, dams, channels, flumes, swimming pools, concrete basements, and many other areas requiring waterproofing. Some chemical grouts cure to a rigid or flexible foam, while others to a flexible gel.