Understanding Foundation Cracks In Your Basement

Shrinkage settling cracks are present in most foundations. Newly poured & placed concrete increases in temperature during hydration. During the curing process, heat dissipates which causes the concrete mass to shrink slightly in volume. This is where “hair-­‐line cracks” are formed. Some require a trained eye to locate.

All newly back-filled foundations exhibit -soil settlement, even where properly compacted. Most homes (7-10) years old can show significant soil settlement and loss of proper pitch, which is: (6”) for first (10’) away from foundation – Code in most of New York State.

After settlement occurs to well-­‐built homes, water now penetrates down deeper into soil immediately surrounding foundation. Water than seeks entrance into shrinkage settling cracks.

Soil saturation enables water to find its way, behind and sometimes over, correctly installed waterproof coatings.

Once water gets behind exterior waterproofing – “usually caused by improperly raising the grading,” the adhesive bond is broken and most coatings will delaminate.

Add a malfunctioning or blocked roof gutter/down spout leader, and you now have vastly more water finding its way into the foundation. Freeze-­‐ thaw action of just a few years can cause serious foundation damage.

The remedy is to restore proper pitch, correctly lead water away, and seal all foundation cracks, construction joints & voids completely with Polyurethane chemical grout.

These fully warranted, engineered solutions will-­‐ retain your home’s value and extend the life of your home.

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