About Us

Company History

Serving the Long Island NY community for over 30 years, let the leak repair experts from Arid Restorational Technologies, Inc. help you with your leak repair decisions. Arid Restorational Technologies, Inc. provides home owners and business owners polyurethane grouts, epoxy injection resins and polyurea coatings solutions to stop building and basement leaks, stabilize soils and protect concrete building structures.
  • basement leak repair
  • polyurethane grouts
  • polyurea coatings solutions
  • active leak repair
  • foundation waterproofing
  • epoxy injection resins
  • soil stabilization
  • insulation and drainage

Our Mission


Provide The RIght Answer

With over 30 years in the business, our goal is to provide our customers expert leak repair advice

Find The Best Solution

We want to give you the best solution for your leakage problems

Satisfy Our Customers

We thrive to give our clients the best service possible when it comes to leak repair

Stop Foundation Leaks

We want to keep our clients' homes and businesses dry!

Foundation Leaks & Basement Waterproofing

Let the basement leak repair experts from Arid Restoration Technologies help you with your leak repair decisions.

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